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Parents of our Pearland Lacrosse Community,


Your board members wanted to provide you with this explanation of the cost increases for the 2018-19 season are required because of operating cost increases year over year. The increased costs for the 2017-18 season were as follows:


Turner Field Charges, + $1,500.00. Last season, PISD began charging us for all high school games. In past seasons, we have only paid to use the Turner field for the Saturday youth games. Historically, that charge has been $400 per day To help us bridge the gap, PISD lowered our per day cost to $300. For the 2019 season, we will go back to the $400 per day cost.


Goals/Nets/Balls, + $1,466.00. These are recurring costs. These items simply wear out with use and must be replaced. We purchased 6 game goals. While we do not anticipate this cost to be as much, to be prudent we had to replenish that expense and plan on additional costs this season.


Referee Cost, + $1,650.00. The referee costs went up last season for 2 reasons: 1) we added the D3 team because our HS boys’ registration was up and we wanted everyone to have an opportunity to play; 2) at the 4U level GHYLA changed the rule and 2 referees were required per game as opposed to only 1 in previous seasons. Furthermore, the referee costs are going up again this year because the Texas Lacrosse Officials Association have deemed a pay raise is warranted after having static game day costs for several seasons. This fee is still being negotiated, but a .25% increase is being budgeted.


Hickory Slough – Field Marking. + $1,200.00. Last season the fields at Hickory Slough were lined for D3, Girls’ Varsity, Girls’ Junior High, Youth and practice by a handful of parent volunteers and board members. It took a great deal of time and frankly, we were allowed to play games even though the measurements never were exact and the lines were crooked. In order to keep down additional costs at Turner, some games must be played at HS and the lined fields make the practice sessions more productive.


High School/JH Professional Coaching. + 3,000.00. In our continued efforts to provide our players and lacrosse community with the best coaching we can secure and in keeping up with other programs, all coaches at the high school level have playing and coaching experience. In addition, our high school coaches are running our Fall youth practices, will provide season practice plans for our youth teams and will participate throughout out the season with our youth teams.


Errors & Omissions Insurance. +$520.00. We have never had this insurance in the past and again the protections it provides brings us in line with other lacrosse clubs and non-profit organizations in the area.


+ $9,536.00


60 High School Players x $100 Increase = $6,000

70 Youth Players x $50 = $3,500 


There has been some confusion about uniform costs and whether those have always been included in the registration costs. Until 2 seasons ago, the uniforms were included in the registration costs. That is no longer possible because of the increased operating costs. Our plan to help with uniform costs was to move to a 2-year uniform rotation. We are at the end of the first cycle. We had several problems the last 2 seasons with uniform vendors. We changed vendors this season based on personal experience with the new vendor, Stick Star Lacrosse. This company outfits many of the summer teams, and so there is a level of comfort with this company because they have performed for teams in the past.


Below is the break down on the uniform costs.  



High School

2017 HS (2 Jersey’s $48 each/1 Short $30/1 Shooter $30) = $158 total

2018 HS (2 Jersey’s/2 Shorts/1 shooter) = $185 kit

  • Combination uniform and shorts from stick star selection
  • 2017 Supplier Issues for everyone that ordered from previous supplier



2017 Youth (1 Reversible/1 short/ 1 Shooter) = $100

2018 Youth (1 Reversible/1 short/ 1 Shooter) = $95 kit

  • Legacy Stick Star Uniform in our colors


We have done our best to explain the increase in costs. We understand increased costs can be difficult. The main goal of PYLAX is to continue to grow this great game for the kids of Pearland. We want your child(ren) to play. Please do not hesitate to reach out via email or phone calls with further questions or comments about the pricing and getting registered to play this season.


Pearland Youth Lacrosse Board


Pearland Youth Lacrosse

Email: [email protected]

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